Nick Mclamb is an Architectural and Industrial photographer, the photography here showcases the modern aesthetic of the Downtown Cary Park's structures and buildings as well as the nature and community elements surrounding them
Downtown Cary Park provides an excellent backdrop for photography, seamlessly blending modern architectural elements with contemporary natural landscapes. Serpentine pavilions crafted from natural materials, meandering pathways, and various gardens adorn the park, offering a diverse array of scenery. Its meticulously planned layout harmoniously merges community and family-friendly amenities with seamlessly integrated indoor-outdoor spaces, creating an ideal environment for capturing everyday moments and fostering community connections.
The above image was taken using a tilt-shift lens, a popular choice among architectural photographers. The juxtaposition of the azure sky against the cherry wood slats creates a captivating perspective, almost resembling an illusion. Notably, the Academy Pavilion, a cherished architectural gem, was envisioned by Machado Silvetti.​​​​​​​
Taken at an extended focal length, akin to what's typically associated with zoom lenses, this image deviates from the usual approach of architectural photography. While a landscape aspect ratio could have encompassed the majority of the subjects, I find the portrait perspective intriguing, particularly the interplay between the negative space at the top and the striking elements of the trees and bridge below.​​​​​​​
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